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The primary objective being uplifting of the social and financial status of its members by incalculating saving habits amongst them through the spirit of Co-Operation, and providing technical and financial support. The Principal function of the society is to render financial services to its members and to reach the nook and corner of the country through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached.

Arth Credit Co-operative society shows the importance of such Co-operative Societies in the country who can make people realize the importance of savings and can provide loan according to their needs.

Arth Credit Co-operative society has been established to promote saving among its members. We are proud to announce that we are the largest one of its kind in North India.

Arth Credit Co-operative society is a multi - state Credit Co-Operative society registered with Department of Co-Operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India by registration number MSCS/CR/520/2012 under the Multistate Co-Operative Society Act, 2002 and its Rules.

News & Events

  • New Proposed Branches in Gujrat

    Modasa, Bharmkheda, Baroda, Nandiyad, Panthwada etc.

  • New Proposed branches in Uttar Pradesh

    Manipur, Najimabad, Dhanpur, Gajiyabad, Muradabad, Palampur, Mau, Varanasi, Mirjapur, Allahbad, Khalilabad, Hardoi, Kanpur, Rura, Pankwara etc.

  • New Proposed Branches in Madhya Pradesh

    Gwaliar,Indor, Sirpuri etc.

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